Popular travel destinations in World

  • Europe

    Europe is only the second smallest populated continent following Australia. It covers about 10,180,000 square kilometres or 2% of the world surface or about 6.8% of its total land area. But its population is estimated nearly 740 million people which is about 11% of the human population and it makes Europe the third most populous continent in the world after Asia and Africa. Sunny Mediterranean beaches in Croatia and stunning Alpine peaks in France or Austria, mournful fados of Portugal and playful gypsy tunes of Hungary, pointed Gothic cathedrals of Germany, chocolate from Belgium, beer from the Czech Republic, tapas from Spain and grappa from Italy, Europe is a web of delight from which no one can escape.

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  • Australia and Oceania

    Oceania is a vast region in the Pacific Ocean. It consists of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and other surrounding islands. Oceania is a very diverse region, there are rain forests, mountains, jungles, bushland and swamplands. Australia is Oceania's largest and most populous country. New Zealand is very important tourist destination in Oceania with well developed facilities for tourists.

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  • North America

    North America is the third-largest continent of the world in area, following Asia and Africa, and is fourth in population of the world after Asia, Africa, and Europe.  It covers an area of about 24,709,000 square kilometers, about 4.8% of the planet's surface or about 16.5% of its land area. Its population is estimated at nearly 528 million people. Three main countries are at the north situated Canada, the United States of America and at the south Mexico .

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  • Asia

    Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world. It covers an area of about 44,391,000 square kilometers,  8.6% of the world total surface area or 29.4% of its land area. Its population is estimated over 4 billion people,  which is more than 60% of the human population. Largest and most populated countries are China, IndiaIndonesia and Japan.

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  • South America

    South America is the fourth largest continent of the world following Asia, Africa, and North America and fifth in population of the world after Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. It covers an area of 17,840,000 square kilometers, about 3.5% of the world surface. Its population is estimated at nearly 400 million people. South America is full of music : just remind you - samba in Brazil, tango in Argentina and Uruguay.

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  • Africa

    Africa is the world's second largest and second most populous continent, after Asia. The continet is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the northeast, the Indian Ocean the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. There are 53 countries, including Madagascar and various islands, associated with the continent. Africa longest river, the Nile, is also the world's longest, and run from Burundi to Egypt.

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